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At each of our meetings, the best image submitted by a senior member (a member rated four or five stars), the best image submitted by a junior member (a member rated one to three stars), as well as the most innovative image, is chosen by the judges. The best images from our recent meetings, as well as images that received a Certificate of Merit, are below.

May 2022

Best senior images:

China Spring Jasmine – Jack Weinberg (also Certificate of Merit)

Female Weaver Touchdown – Jack Weinberg (also Certificate of Merit)

Best junior images:

Light on Bible – Johan du Plessis

Through the Window – Johan du Plessis

Most innovative images:

Bambino Ballerinas – Heidi Broschk (also Certificate of Merit)

Night Service – David Benn (also Certificate of Merit)

April 2022

Best senior images:

Mothercare – Alan Mason (also Certificate of Merit)

Chasing the Ball – Mark Geldenhuys (also Certificate of Merit)

Best junior images:

Pretty in Pink – Pat Meiring

Most innovative images:

Seagulls over Long Beach – Gaby Grohovaz (also Certificate of Merit)

Time Travel – Gaby Grohovaz (also Certificate of Merit)

Certificates of Merit (in addition to those listed above)

Muscled Flower – Heidi Broschk

Fishing in Rough Seas – Jack Weinberg

Flamingo Feeding – Jack Weinberg

March 2022

Best senior images:

Duck bathing – Jack Weinberg

Fly on a flower – Alan Mason

Most innovative images:

Yearning for summer – Gaby Grohovaz

Dahlia in mono – Cavan Hill

February 2022

Best senior images:

My one is bigger than yours – Jack Weinberg (also Certificate of Merit)

The odd one out – Gaby Grohovaz

Most innovative images:

Turmoil- Kittie du Plessis

Forest abstract- Kittie du Plessis

January 2022

Best senior images:

Kite eating rat – Jack Weinberg

Punk rocker with helmet – Mark Geldenhuys

Best junior image:

My what big feet you have – Michael Broschk

November 2021

Best senior images:

Evening in Noordhoek – Gaby Grohovaz

The White Rose – Jack Weinberg

Most innovative image:

The Watchmaker’s Daughter – Gaby Grohovaz

October 2021

Best senior images:

Yellow-billed teal takeoff – Jack Weinberg

Malachite holding fish – Jack Weinberg

Most innovative images:

Eye love pink – Alan Mason

Ghosts of Halloween – Kittie du Plessis

September 2021

Best senior images:

Rocky shores – Sandy van Vuuren

Triumphant leopardess – Monique Adams

Best junior images:

Swinging way up high – Heidi Broschk

The pied piper – Heidi Broschk

Most innovative images:

Flower and glass abstract – Kittie du Plessis

Turmoil – Kittie du Plessis

Certificate of Merit

What’s behind the blue doors – Sandy van Vuuren

August 2021

Best senior images:

Circle of Life – Kittie du Plessis

Smoke on the water – Mark Geldenhuys

Best junior images:

The bearded bodach – Heidi Broschk

Ancient customs – Heidi Broschk

Most innovative images:

Wild child – Gaby Grohovaz

Exit – Gaby Grohovaz

July 2021

Best senior images:

Woman of Africa – Gaby Grohovaz

Best junior images:

Roller & scorpion – Michael Broschk

Most innovative images:

Unbalanced – Kittie du Plessis

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